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41 Cherriez Strain: A Sweet and Potent Indica Hybrid


41 Cherriez is a popular and potent cannabis strain known for its sweet aroma, flavorful taste, and relaxing effects. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers a delightful combination of fruity flavors, calming effects, and potent THC levels. Let’s delve into the notable characteristics and qualities that make 41 Cherriez a standout strain in the world of cannabis.

Genetics and Lineage: A Unique Blend of Genetics

41 Cherriez is a cross between the strains Sunset Sherbet and Cherry Pie. Sunset Sherbet contributes its uplifting and euphoric effects, while Cherry Pie adds a burst of fruity and sweet flavors. This genetic combination results in a strain with a well-rounded profile that delivers both relaxation and a pleasurable sensory experience.

Appearance: Dense and Colorful Buds

The buds of 41 Cherriez are typically dense and compact, showcasing a range of vibrant colors. They often feature shades of deep green, purple, and orange, with fiery red pistils weaving through the nugs. The dense trichome coverage adds a frosty appearance, making 41 Cherriez visually appealing and enticing.

Aroma: Sweet and Fruity with a Hint of Skunkiness

The aroma of 41 Cherriez is a delightful blend of sweetness and fruitiness. It emits a distinct scent of ripe cherries, mixed with notes of berries and tropical fruits. There is also a subtle undertone of skunkiness that adds depth to the overall aroma. The combination of sweet, fruity, and skunky notes creates an inviting and captivating olfactory experience.

Flavor Profile: Sweet and Fruity with a Creamy Undertone

When it comes to taste, 41 Cherriez delivers a flavorful experience. It offers a sweet and fruity flavor profile, with prominent notes of cherries and berries. The taste is often described as a blend of tropical fruits and a creamy undertone that lingers on the palate. The flavorful terpenes of 41 Cherriez contribute to its overall appeal and enhance the enjoyment of consuming this strain.

Effects: Relaxing and Blissful

The effects of 41 Cherriez are predominantly relaxing and blissful, making it an excellent choice for unwinding and finding tranquility. The indica dominance of this hybrid strain induces a calming body high that eases tension and promotes relaxation. It is known to create a sense of happiness, uplift the mood, and provide a gentle cerebral euphoria. The well-balanced effects of 41 Cherriez make it suitable for both daytime and evening use.

Medical Benefits: Potential Therapeutic Uses

Beyond its recreational appeal, 41 Cherriez may offer potential therapeutic benefits. Its calming and euphoric effects can potentially help individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. The strain’s relaxing properties may also provide temporary relief for those experiencing physical discomfort, such as muscle tension or chronic pain conditions. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized medical advice.

Cultivation: Growing 41 Cherriez

Cultivating 41 Cherriez can be a rewarding experience for growers. It is known to be a relatively easy strain to cultivate, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The plants exhibit vigorous growth and produce dense, resinous buds. With proper care, attention to environmental conditions, and appropriate pruning techniques, growers can achieve satisfying yields of this flavorful and potent strain.

Popularity and Appreciation: A Strain Worth Exploring

41 Cherriez has gained popularity and appreciation within the cannabis community. Its sweet flavor profile, relaxing effects, and colorful buds have captivated the attention of cannabis enthusiasts. Whether it’s the unique genetics, the delightful aroma, or the blissful high, 41 Cherriez continues to impress and attract those who seek a flavorful and potent cannabis experience.


41 Cherriez stands out as a sweet and potent indica hybrid that offers a relaxing and flavorful cannabis experience. With its unique genetic lineage, dense buds, and delightful aroma and taste, 41 Cherriez has gained a reputation as a strain worth exploring. Whether enjoyed for its relaxing effects, fruity and creamy flavors, or its ability to induce tranquility, 41 Cherriez showcases its qualities as a strain that can provide a pleasurable and enjoyable journey. Immerse yourself in the sweet allure of 41 Cherriez, savor its flavorful terpenes, and embrace its relaxing and blissful effects, creating a cannabis experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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5 reviews for 41 CHERRIEZ STRAIN

  1. Warren brown (verified owner)

    “BoxBoys Official’s 41 Cherriez strain is a fruity delight that will satisfy any cherry lover. The buds are compact and colorful, with hues of deep purple and green. The aroma is an intoxicating blend of ripe cherries and floral notes, creating a captivating scent experience. The flavor is a true homage to cherries, with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. The effects are uplifting and soothing, providing a sense of calm and relaxation.”

    Quantity: OZ x 1
  2. David ward (verified owner)

    “41 Cherriez from BoxBoys Official is a strain that delivers an exquisite cherry experience. The buds are dense and resinous, displaying a beautiful array of purple and green tones. The aroma is a heavenly mix of sweet cherries and hints of spice, creating an enticing scent profile. The flavor is a delightful fusion of juicy cherries and subtle earthy undertones, making it a pleasure for the taste buds. The high is euphoric and calming, ideal for unwinding after a long day.”

    Quantity: OZ x 1
  3. Travis gay (verified owner)

    “41 Cherriez from BoxBoys Official is a strain that brings the taste of cherries to life. The buds are dense and visually appealing, with a beautiful combination of purple and green colors. The aroma is an intoxicating blend of ripe cherries and subtle herbal hints, creating an enticing scent experience. The flavor is a delightful symphony of sweet cherries and earthy undertones, making it a treat for the palate. The effects are uplifting and calming, perfect for unwinding and enjoying moments of bliss.”

    Quantity: P x 1
  4. Rodney payne (verified owner)

    “BoxBoys Official’s 41 Cherriez strain is a true gem for cherry enthusiasts. The buds are dense and coated with a sparkling layer of trichomes, indicating its potency. The aroma is a captivating blend of luscious cherries and floral notes, creating a delightful fragrance. The flavor is a burst of sweet cherry goodness, with undertones of earthiness. The high is uplifting and relaxing, providing a sense of tranquility and happiness.”

    Quantity: P x 1
  5. Philip clark (verified owner)

    “41 Cherriez from BoxBoys Official is a strain that truly captures the essence of cherries. The buds are dense and beautifully coated with a layer of trichomes, showcasing its quality. The aroma is a delightful explosion of sweet cherries, filling the air with their irresistible fragrance. The flavor is a mouthwatering blend of juicy cherries and subtle earthy undertones. The high is uplifting and relaxing, making it a perfect choice for unwinding and enjoying a moment of bliss.”

    Quantity: OZ x 1
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